Worker Immigration Laws

Working for Your Immigrant Rights

Immigrant workers play an important part in the health of U.S. financial markets. The United States worker visa helps draw talented, hard-working foreign employees to our country to fill important roles across every industry. As a foreign nationalist, a work visa offers you the chance to truly experience American life and to engage in one of the most vibrant national economies in the world. It may also help you to obtain permanent U.S. residency.

Working for Your Future

Typically, you will be required to have a job offer in place or have a sponsor before being granted a work visa. If you are currently in the U.S. under another visa, you may have the opportunity to change your status to one of the work visa categories if you have an employment offer. Immigration attorney, Revathi R. Truong, can help you petition a wide variety of industries and occupations, as well as find the best employment-based visa for you. Contact us today for more information.

A Word of Caution!

You must take extreme care when seeking assistance with your worker visa. There are many people who refer to themselves as notarios, immigration consultants or notaries public, who will tell you they can help you with your worker visa. This is untrue; they cannot represent you in the work visa process and can ruin your chance at living or working in the United States. Immigration attorney Revathi R. Truong is knowledgeable in the worker visa process, and committed to defending the rights of immigrant workers.

Your dream. Our purpose.

Revathi R. Truong, immigration attorney, can help you navigate the often-confusing regulations surrounding work visas. Revathi and her legal assistant, Ada Buenrostro, have a keen understanding of the visa process and are passionate about assisting foreigners who wish to work in the United States. Ms. Buenrostro is fluent in Spanish, and helps with communication between our Spanish speaking clients and the firm.  We encourage you to contact our office today for more information on maintaining, changing the status of, or extending your work visa.